About Local Box

Local box mobile app is an attempt to bring all the common man needs and solutions in one medium. Local box goals and intents are very clear with respective to socialization and Trade in values among the people living in one community. Keeping issues and downsides of the people in a community our mobile app is well structured with categorized elements, filters and search tools that make sense to the people to meet their direct needs from community. We feel this is the right moment to update to the current world and grab the best services available in the market. Keeping various communities residing in United States in mind and their necessity of living we strive to reach out our user targets and fulfil our community Tag line: Wish your choice Buy, Sell & Mingle.

Keeping ordinary man desires in mind to lead quality life in healthy socialization environment, our Project is categorized in to five main Modules.

1. Housing

2. Motor city

3. House Appliances

4. Local Hangouts

5. Events


Share your Housing post

If it is related to any kind of this Type: Buy, Rent, Share, Transfer Lease, Vacation rental

For Tenants and Land lords

Please grab the easiest opportunity to share your properties on sale with simple add post option in housing

For Buyers:

Explore the wide listings of houses and pin point your desired house using filters and search tool.

Select the way users can contact you

While adding new post select the way users can contact you: (Call, Chat, Both)

Data Sequrity

Local box always secure your personal information (Contact information, address) to get rid of spam users.

Fast messages

For additional information regarding postings, you can internally message the tenant and clarify your doubts.

Copy of Post Quality Images

Post maximum range of quality house images to attract users and reach out to you with excitement.

Native filter in the app

Share your house with whom you are comfortable with by using our additional Native filter in the app.

Motor City:

  • Best opportunity to explore or market your 2 wheeler and four wheeler vehicles at one place.
  • Buy, sell your dream wheelers with the satisfactory price in the market.
  • View detailed vehicle information at one place in product detail page.
  • Use filters and search tools to get exact listings of your desired vehicle you are looking for.
  • Communicate with owner within the app for additional vehicle information history before meeting physically and having a glance on the product.

House Appliances:

  • 1) You will see well categorized house appliances all over this module with respective sub categories as filters.
  • 2) Easily stream down to your desired product in a well-structured categorization of home utensils.
  • 3) Negotiate the best price of the product within the app before reaching out physically to the seller.
  • 4) Choose product sub category wisely to have good views on your product.

Local Hangouts:

1) This module provide vast services to the users who are interested and involve in the open discussion forums. This is the best opportunity to prove yourself as a responsible citizen and lead a quality life with people around you. Your involvement can be any of these formats:
• Fulfilling your questions that you have sharing your experience in your life which can help others to move in the right path.
• Help people around you with your simple thoughts and best experiences in your life.
• Share rides with your best companions with whom you are comfortable with.
• Stay healthy by reading some ongoing health facts and articles posted by different users.
• Open a new discussion forum to gather people with same interests which could help to organize daily or weekly events.
• Share or look the best reviews on the movies to watch from the people.
• Watch out for good services and ongoing deals from local businesses around you using services forum.
• Nativity mode: This is the option or an additional filter embedded in this module, keeping all communities residing in the United States in mind.
• Share your discussion to your native people living around you if it is related to only to your Nativity. (Like: charity organizations in your own country, sports played only in your country, festival celebration topics, sharing movie experience, sharing Native country news).

My Pokes: Stay tuned with your history conversations easily with My Posts (Discussions raised by user) and Local posts (Discussions involved by the user)



Blast your free time with Exciting events and happenings around you, explore the list of events that grab your attention.
All users can host an Event and welcome the users in your community, which comes under
Category: (Automotive, Culture, Dance, Movie, Food, Fashion, Political, Religious, Social, Sports, Tech, Nightclub, Other).
Convey your interests towards the event by hitting the interest button, at the same time you can make a note of people count who show interest towards a particular event.

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